Apr 22 2014

Storage Containers, Portable Storage in MT

Do you agree that keeping thousands of dollars’ worth of equipment and the information of clients in Great Falls, Montana secure is a tough feat to accomplish when you are working in another city or state? If you have experienced this, you will love the http://www.kerneliservices.com/storage/mt-portable-storage/storage-containers-in-great-falls-mt/ selections we have to provide at Kerneli Storage Containers in Great Falls, MT. Our Great Falls Kerneli Storage Containers company will have the units to your site in just a couple of days at the latest. Due to such an extensive stock, we also never have an issue with assisting you to stay within your budget. For help with your storage container needs, give us a call at 800-376-2620 at this time.


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Biggest Selection in Great Falls, MT

Our portable storage business located in Great Falls, MT supplies a massive selection of storage and mobile office facilities. The storage containers we stock can be found in 10, 20, 40 and 48-foot dimensions. Clients have found that our 10 and 20-foot portable storage units are best for storing some equipment and other, smaller items. Our 40 and 48-foot options are better choices for locking up big power tools, pallets along with other similar items. We also supply mobile office options for the convenience of transporting your office right to the jobsite. Customers who are looking for the most basic portable office model normally opt for the 8-foot by 20-foot model as it has the desks and shelves they need. Our customers who wish to bring the comforts of the home office on the road typically choose our 24 by 60-foot mobile office, which includes several offices, two bathrooms along with the standard options found in our basic models.

Our Standards in Great Falls, MT

Customer care is something that we take a large amount of pride in although we already offer an unrivaled inventory of portable storage units throughout the Great Falls, MT vicinity. Our standard of service is what allows us to save you the most money and be as happy as possible with the selection of the storage or mobile office unit for your needs. Due to our feel for customer service, you will notice that we ask quite a few questions about your project to make sure you are not going to end up having too small or big of an office or container. Our storage container agency will also have your units or offices sent to your site within at least a couple of days, which will make things far less stressful for you.

With the amount of people looking for easy ways to make a quick buck in Great Falls, MT, you cannot afford to have your equipment and tools lying around unsecured, which is what makes storage containers an excellent option. To make storage containers even more valuable, our staff at Kerneli Storage Containers will even transport them to your site, assemble them and haul them away when you are finished with them. Call us at 800-376-2620 today to schedule a portable storage or mobile office trailer for the near future.

What Do Customers Want to Know About Our Storage and Mobile Office Solutions in Great Falls, MT

How Many Different Sizes of Storage Containers Do You Carry in Great Falls, Montana?

In regards to storage containers in Great Falls, Montana, we offer 10, 20, 40 and 48-foot options.

Can I Count On Your Portable Storage Units Being Secure in Great Falls, [[STATE?

Our portable storage units in Great Falls, MT are extremely secure as they are made of extremely thick steel, and they can be locked.

Do You Stock Various Kinds of Mobile Office Solutions in Great Falls?

Our mobile office options in Great Falls can range in size between our most compact model, which measures 8-feet by 20-feet, to our deluxe model that has measurements of 24-feet by 60-feet.

What Does My Portable Office Feature?

The base portable office features a desk, shelves and plenty of space for storing essential documents as well as allowing staff members to enjoy a short break. Our biggest model includes desks, shelves, four offices and two bathrooms.

Can I Customize My Mobile Office in Great Falls?

You bet, we are able to add anything from drapes to shower facilities in almost any of our mobile office units since this is something many clients in Great Falls have asked for. Give us at Kerneli Storage Containers a call at 800-376-2620 today to find out what comforts you can pick from.

What If I Do Not Know Which Model to Choose?

Sure, it is a simple task for us because we work with such a wide variety of people every day who each have different needs. We do this since we want to give you the best price and become acquainted with you as a person and not just a business person needing to rent a unit.

How Quickly Can You Have a Unit to My Location?

Delivery within one day or less is one of our objectives. Even though we try to deliver in a day, we suggest reserving your unit two or three days in advance to stay on the safe side. If you are planning a project for the near future, be sure to schedule the delivery of your container or mobile office Great Falls MT today by calling the staff at Kerneli Storage Containers at 800-376-2620.

Are Your Prices Reasonable?

The comforts and sizes of our storage containers and offices determine their individual prices. Although they might be priced differently, we can guarantee that we offer an option that will work perfect for you.

Apr 19 2014

Storage Container – KS Mobile Office Trailers

At Kerneli Storage Containers located in Manhattan, Kansas, we realize the importance of having a way to securely store your gear and documents at your location. As a result, we launched our Manhattan, KS business on the basis of offering the most secure storage containers the marketplace is offering. Our Kerneli business has become well known because of our stock and unbeatable prices in Manhattan. Together with our competitive pricing, we also offer the fastest delivery times in Manhattan. To find out more about our storage containers or to setup a delivery for Kerneli Storage Containers, call us at 800-376-2620 today.

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How Our Company Can Help You in Manhattan, KS

When you want to have the highest level of service in the portable storage industry, our Manhattan, KS business is the best choice. Each of our portable storage units are priced affordably. In addition, we work as hard as we can to have the mobile storage unit at your location as quickly as we can, which generally means within two or three days. Although the pricing and fast delivery times are enough to earn a lot of sales, we take things one step further with a complimentary storage container consultation. Although everyone may not need our free consultation, it is very effective for first-time clients.

Our Selection in Manhattan, KS

You do not want to have to hassle with filing claims for stolen gear as a result of not having a way to secure it. For that reason, our storage containers within Manhattan, KS are among the most important investments you can ever make. Contrary to public opinion, we also offer mobile storage for all types of tasks. Each of our containers are covered on all sides and include a lock to provide the highest degree of security. Together with our superb selection of storage containers, we also provide mobile office options. Although our offices may Manhattan City Map not have all of the features found in your luxurious headquarters, they come extremely close. The portable office units we stock are available in various sizes with the smallest being 8-foot by 20-foot and the largest being 24-foot by 60-foot. Desks and shelves are standard equipment in our mobile office products, and many of the bigger units even contain bathrooms and shower facilities. Of course, we can work with your individual needs to locate the one that works best for your staff and your budget.

It is crucial for you to have a safe way to keep your belongings when you are working at a site away from home. Since this has proven to be the case, portable storage containers are a great investment that contractors across the United States have found to be worth every penny. Contact Kerneli Storage Containers at 800-376-2620 if you are interested in renting secure storage containers or a mobile office.

About Our Products in Manhattan, KS

At Kerneli Storage Containers, we offer the most innovative line of products in Manhattan, Kansas for business owners just like you who are continually on the go. We understand the importance of having a safe and sound place for you to store your tools away from the home office in Manhattan, KS. Pulling this task off will be considerably simplified through the usage of our storage containers and offices in Manhattan. To find out more about the mobile office and container units we offer in Manhattan, give us a call at 800-376-2620 now.

Storage Container Selection in Manhattan, KS

Storage containers are one of the most popular items we rent within Manhattan, KS on a daily basis. Our containers come in 10, 20, 40, and 48-foot sizes. Regardless of which size of container you choose, you will see that they all include a locking door and extremely durable steel for the utmost amount of security. Another advantage our storage containers offer over those stocked by some companies is that you can walk in and out of ours without bumping your head. Our portable storage solutions also permit you to pick between various door styles based upon what type of equipment you will be keeping inside of the units. If you do not know which portable storage units are best for your needs, our staff would be more than happy to help.

What Kinds of Mobile Office Units Do We Offer in Manhattan, KS

Mobile office leases in Manhattan, KS are another option our company has added to the product lineup due to a high demand. Clients looking for the simple solution choose our 8-foot by 20-foot mobile office, and individuals wanting the most luxurious option select the 24-foot by 60-foot unit. The smaller option still has lots of features, such as a desk and shelves to help your employees work as effectively as they can. Our 24-foot by 60-foot design comes equipped with shelves, desks, four offices and two bathrooms for the most comfy staff experience. If you want to add comforts, such as blinds, showers or just about anything imaginable, let us know.

The storage containers and office solutions carried by Kerneli Storage Containers will make your travelling venture go a lot more smoothly. The greatest downside to working on the road is that there are just too many logistics involved if you attempt to bring your own trailers for storage devices. To find out how our mobile office and containers can help your Manhattan, KS firm, make sure to give us call today at 800-376-2620.

Apr 17 2014

IL Temporary Fencing – Fence Rental in IL

temporary fences Moline

Do you agree that having costly equipment and tools in the open to where anyone could destroy or take them is a risk not worth dealing with in Moline, Illinois? Kerneli Temporary Fencing can ensure that your temporary fencing requirements are fulfilled in Moline, IL. Our rent a fence firm helps everyone from the smallest of promotion companies to the contractor who needs to rent a fence for each of their individual job sites in Moline. Providing you with the choice between in-ground and panel fencing helps us to make certain that we have an option for you in Moline. If you want us to get started in helping with your temporary fencing needs, be sure to call us at 800-205-6917 today or visit temporary fences Moline.

Call Kerneli Temporary Fences at 800-205-6917

What Concerns Can Rental Fences Solve in Moline, IL?

When you are building a customer’s home or office in Moline, IL, the very last thing you want to have occur is for individuals in the vicinity to invite themselves in for an unsupervised open house. In a similar fashion, you likely want to have a way to block off certain areas from guests at a show or festival if you are a promoter. Most all temporary fence rental is a superb way for both contractors and promoters to safeguard their property. We also have privacy screens as well as barbed wire that can be added to the temporary fencing rental.

Fence Rental Made Simple in Moline, IL

When you are in the market to get a temporary fencing in Moline, IL, we know that you likely want to get the best deal and also have the fence rental set up as soon as possible. Given that we want to deliver the best customer experience to keep you returning with all of your temporary fencing rental needs, we price our products very competitively along with offering timely service. In conjunction with making the temporary fencing rental delivery as quick as possible, we also ensure we are not sending a rental fence to your site until we know it is the best choice for you.

Temporary fencing is the ideal solution in instances where you cannot babysit your Moline, IL premises around the clock. As a result of our ability to find the best rent a fence for your demands and our quick delivery, you can focus on the daily functions of your company instead of when we are going to show up. If you wish to keep people as safe as you can and ensure that none of your equipment walks off with a thief, give us a call today at 800-205-6917 to go over your temporary fencing needs.

Why Choose Us in Moline, IL

When it comes to keeping your gear along with the safety of other individuals in Moline, Illinois as a main concern, Kerneli Temporary Fencing delivers the optimal solutions. With the amount of different temporary fencing options to choose from, you will not have to worry about purchasing numerous cameras or hiring a professional security team to keep people out of a certain area. Unlike security cameras, you also will not need to worry about a rent a fence suddenly failing due to some type of technical glitch. Furthermore, temporary fencing in Moline will make individuals reconsider getting into a certain area, but cameras are merely useful for after destruction or theft has taken place. If you want to have the peace of mind that your premises are as secure as possible and your guests will remain safe and sound, get in touch with our temporary fencing company in Moline at 800-205-6917.

What are the Numerous Types of Fences You Rent in Moline, IL

At our temporary fencing company in Moline, IL, we can tailor a fence to meet your precise needs. For special events, we suggest considering our panel fencing, which looks and functions very similarly to an everyday fence with the exception that it will not get mounted into the ground. Alternatively, we use special stands as well as weighted objects, such as sandbags, to ensure that it remains standing. Promoters inform us that the higher level of mobility offered in panel fencing is among the biggest reasons they choose to rent it. If you are doing a building project and want to rent a fence for a longer timeframe, our in-ground models might be a better option. Should you choose the in-ground model, we will still handle the installation process. Our company also offers barbed wire and privacy screens if you want to really enhance the security of your premises.

Customer Service in Moline, IL

Our company makes temporary fencing rental very simple because of our wide selection and our friendly staff. We never take any shortcuts when it comes to setting you up with the ideal fence as we understand how much you appreciate security and safety. In addition to that, we will find out when you need to have your rent a fence transported and set up by, so that you are not waiting around to begin your project or start your event because we showed up late. Of course, you can also count on receiving a free quote and the most competitive pricing the temporary fencing industry offers since QCOnline we would like to continue working with you down the road.

When you are searching for the easiest way to secure your valuables and protect the safety of others in Moline, IL, temporary fencing is your best solution. We provide the most customizable rent a fence experience with our sizing and style options in addition to additional options, such as privacy screens and barbed wire for even greater protection. Whether you are ready for our temporary fencing company to deliver a fence to your site this weekend or if you have any questions, give us a call at 800-205-6917.